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Taylor & Shroff Wines
Veuve De Vernay
Sparkling Fruit Wine
Flavoured Spirits
Drinks in single servers and shots in standard sizes

Our suppliers export to over 63 countries worldwide offering over 250 international brands.

Our Company

With its origins in England and India, Taylor & Shroff offer an exciting range of alcoholic beverages to suit all market requirements.

Our company has been trading in India for over 10 years.  We pioneered worldwide a range of five British wines suitable for accompanying hot spicy Indian food and curries.  The wines are best enjoyed served poured over ice.   This range of wines was test marketed for multiple years in India and has withstood the high environmental temperatures  without loss of quality or stock.

The company has received several accolades for this innovation.  As a result of such expertise our clients requested that we expand our range to include whiskies, spirits, liqueurs, beers and further wines.

Taylor & Shroff - Fine Wines & Spirits
Taylor & Shroff - Fine Wines & Spirits

Taylor & Shroff Ltd UK, has secured trading agreements with six of the largest drinks suppliers worldwide for distribution exclusively into India. Our supply chain is able to meet the expected volumes of drinks products for pan India.

Our company wishes to promote and service our clients with a scheme for marketing, promotion, advertising and teaching the teachers to support all our clients in India. Our company holds the exclusive and complete logistical framework for our central hub in Mumbai reaching out to up to 151 depots pan India . In addition, we include for all shipping, forwarding, customs and excise handling, storage and clearance processes right up to the end user.

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