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With its origins in England and India, Taylor & Shroff Ltd is an exciting  drinks/alcoholic beverage enterprise that not only has Indian roots but also an Indian connection going back over 97 years.

Richard Carr Taylor, the father of founder and owner David Carr Taylor, was the Engineering Director of Darjeeling Consolidated Tea Company. He built 19 tea factories and structured over 4,000 acres of tea gardens in India during the pre war years of 1920 to 1947.

David Carr Taylor, having lived his childhood in the Darjeeling tea gardens, has always felt his roots were firmly embedded in the continent.

Taylor & Shroff - Fine Wines & Spirits
Darjeeling Tea Gardens
Taylor & Shroff - Fine Wines & Spirits

By a strange quirk of destiny a business relationship developed with a student, Miss. Nainaz Shroff, who was in London studying Business.  As ideas developed, David had the opportunity to go back to India in April 2007. This was a nostalgic trip and one that saw him realise a wonderful tie up with his past and present, as a wine consuming culture begins to emerge in India.

The Carr Taylor family have been making classic cool climate wines in England for over thirty two years from their 15 hectare vineyard.

Drawing on their 35 years of experience the company were the first in the UK to make commercial volumes of Method Champenoise quality sparkling wine in 1985.

The company was the first to export containers of English wines to France and was also the first to set up two trading companies in India.

In creating these wines the aim was to develop a unique style which, unlike traditional wines, both complement hot spicy and full flavoured foods and ensure that they are equally enjoyable as a drink on their own.  A style has evolved that is full flavoured, fruity, luxuriously soft and delicious.

David Carr Taylor (pictured to the right) is a council member of the Wine Guild of the United Kingdom, which is affiliated to the Federation International du Confrèrie Bachiques – Paris, an organisation to further the Brotherhood of those interested in wine and fellowship.

Taylor & Shroff - Fine Wines & Spirits
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