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David Carr Taylor


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Born in Darjeeling, India and lived there for seven years before returning to England. Educated at Trent College and in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering to become Managing Director of a large engineering company for fifteen years.

During his time he designed for power stations, hospitals, schools, gas plants, sewage works, large brick companies and a number of public works schemes.

Latterly, he designed and set up wineries and vineyards and is a founder member of the UK Vineyards Association.

As a hobby he built a American Benson autogiro with a 75 horse power by a drone McCulich engine.

He has enjoyed flying, sailing and skiing.

David graduated with a Diploma in Oenology (Dip Oen) and has set up a number of innovative growing and wine making techniques to make English wine the success that it is today. He is a Council member of the Wine Guild of the United Kingdom and has travelled extensively throughout most of the wine growing regions of the world.

Taylor & Shroff - Fine Wines & Spirits

Nainaz Shroff


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Miss. Nainaz Shroff was educated during her early years at the Ahmadnaga Military School in India. She subsequently gained a bursary for her to travel to the UK to further her studies.  Nainaz qualified with an MBA at the London College of Commerce in London. It was  during her training where she spent the last four years developing the brand Taylor & Shroff in Maharashtra State. She is perhaps one of the few women entrepreneurs who has mastered the intricacies of FSSSA-i certs, cost cards,tax legistration, company law and Indian financial gymnastics.

Nainaz has achieved a highly respected reputation for ethical business and is well respected in the Parsee community in Mumbai and Pune, etc.

It is Nainaz who has the driving ambition and structural force which will make the company one of the foremost drinks and beverage industries in India and eventually Asia, given the right political and corporate backing.

Taylor & Shroff - Fine Wines & Spirits

Bhikhaji Shroff

Director Taylor & Shroff Fine Wines & Spirits Ltd.

Taylor & Shroff Uk Ltd.

Bacchus Marketing & Consulting services Ltd

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Mr Shroff, in his early career, has been the General Manager in Iran & Sharjah for Levant Express & Loyal Express. He has represented over five shipping companies in his past, including: Mitsui OSK of Japan, Concordia Line – Norway, Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB), Aegis Shipping, Oriental Overseas Container Line, Navale et Commerciale Havraise Peninsulaire and a few others in Iran. He was also appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway as the Honorary Council General of Norway.

Upon his return to India he initiated his business of bulk purchasing and sales of video cassettes, cable networks and travel agency ticketing. He progressed heavily into farming, retailing organic fertilizers, to moving on to a fishery business and real estate & consulting. He is the current Vice President of the Ahmednagar Parsi Anjuman and enjoys the occasional glass of Taylor & Shroff wine around good company .

Taylor & Shroff - Fine Wines & Spirits

Linda Carr Taylor

Director, Finance Controller and Company Secretary

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Is the youngest daughter of Tommy Sycamore, Director of Leibigs/Frey Bentos/Oxo Group.

Linda was educated at the Cheltenham Ladies College, UK. She was noted for her enviable flare for sports and playing of the piano and flute.  She trained as a Classical Musician and qualified at the Royal College of Music in London with an ARCM.

Linda closely guards the finances of the company and keeps a close eye on profitability on each and every contract.

Linda has also travelled with David to many parts of the wine growing regions of the world. She has gained an professional reputation for determining quality of wines and spirits and understanding the classic faults in these products.

Linda has access to government offices together with customs and excise officials.

Taylor & Shroff - Fine Wines & Spirits

Alexander Carr Taylor, BSc, AIWS

Technical Production and Advisory role on winemaking techniques and Customs and Excise Administration

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Having grown up on the family vineyard, Alex Carr Taylor has been involved in the world of wine from an early age.  Having gained an invaluable grounding during his formative years, learning from and working on all aspects of the family business from vine growing and wine production through to wine tastings and sales, his heart became set on trying to achieve the highest possible standards of wine production and quality. He graduated from Reading University in Agriculture.

As well as visiting and studying most of the classic wine growing regions of Europe, Alex has also travelled further afield to gain important wine making experience in large, modern wineries in South Africa, New Zealand and the USA.

On returning to the family vineyard in England to implement these newly learnt techniques, he continued his wine education by committing to a two year Wine Diploma course in London which is run by the Wine and Spirits Education Trust.  This is the premier provider of wine education in the UK and is becoming the recognised international standard.

Alex graduated in 2004 as the top Diploma student from some 12,000 students from 12 countries by winning the Vintners Scholarship and Vintners Cup, the highest accolade awarded. His name is on the notice board at the Vintners Company for this outstanding achievement.

His passion, in England’s cool climate, is to retain the fruity, aromatic, and refreshingly crisp flavours in the delicate white and rosé wines.  He also enjoys experimenting with new flavours, fermenting with varied yeasts and crafting bold new wine and drink styles.

Lord Brett McClean

Political, Commercial and Ethical Consultant

Hamavand Shroff

Financial Adviser

Crawford Bailey

Solicitors, involved in Documentation, Intellectual Property, Tax Law and Contract Development

John Males

Chartered Accountant, Watson Associates

Ashish Bairagra, BA

Chartered Accountant, India

Mark Williams

Legal Adviser, Intellectual Property and Patents, Gaby Hardwick Solicitors.

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