Taylor & Shroff Consultancy Services

With 38 years’ experience, we can supply the following services:

Site evaluation and overview of vineyard.
Soil analysis, fertilizer and trace element requirements.
Site preparation and soil treatment.
Vine variety recommendation and planting.
Trellis design and erection.
Vineyard ongoing maintenance and spray control.
Winery installation.
Harvesting, winemaking, Method Champenoise.
Supply machinery for Viniculture and Vinification.

Vineyard Installation and Wine Making

Taylor & Shroff Ltd, in association with Carr Taylor Wines Ltd, presents an opportunity to reduce your investment risk of installing vineyards and producing wines.

The first step of the process is having the soil tested to determine trace elements and the hard and soft stratification layers. This determines the best root stock to which the vine is grafted to give the maximum yield. This is followed by clearing the land of scrub and trees.

The maximum use of space is achieved and surrounding trees are cut back to allow the natural sunlight to bathe the vines. Although where possible a barrier of trees is left as a windbreak.

This video shows planting of some vineyards.

Taylor & Shroff - Fine Wines & Spirits

To recap, the soil is tested for natural trace elements and stratification of hard or soft layers. The root stock is chosen depending on the soil condition and the vines are key hole grafted to the root stock. This is encased in wax to prevent the graft from drying out and to protect the young vine from infection. The planting is carried out at approximately 15,000 vines per day covering an area of some 20 acres. The planting of the vine rows are aligned by laser and each vine is positioned accurately to within 2cm using GPS technology. This ensures that a record of output performance can be kept for each vine.

In view of the large vineyards anticipated to be planted in India we would advise that a zero carbon scheme is introduced. India already has a very sophisticated vine growing Desert Grape industry.

Any new vineyards planted in known specific areas are to be specialised cloned vines for making wine. Wine is grown and produced on nearly one third of the world’s land mass.

The size of the vineyard should make sufficient bottles to produce a high income both for selling into the domestic market as well as the international quality market. This will bring high revenue and profits for years to come.

The size of the vineyard will produce sufficient waste materials together with waste materials from sugar cane, sugar beet, straw and grasses, animal waste and human waste to feed into an anaerobic bio-digester to develop sufficient gas and electricity to supply rural communities on a zero carbon enterprise. It is capital intensive but gives rural communities an income equivalent to city dwellers and avoids their migration.

Taylor & Shroff - Fine Wines & Spirits
Taylor & Shroff - Fine Wines & Spirits

The spin offs in other disciplines are immeasurable, particularly in education, social cohesion and employment.

The technology for this is well established but our company puts together a complete package to enable rural communities to have power and electricity in order to generate businesses and income equivalent to that of their city dwellers. Our interest is in having a wine supply system for Taylor & Shroff to sell in large enough volumes for both domestic and world supplies.

Anaerobic Digestive Plants for Wine Producers and Wineries

If this is of interest to you, please do make contact with the company.

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